Why choose Tuff Turf synthetic grass?

  •  Reduce maintenance, no mowing, no weeding, no watering, that means more free time!
  •  Cost savings, no maintenance costs means a return on your investment in just 5 years or less
  •  Year round perfect lawn, no matter which season
  •  Environmentally friendly, no pesticides, no fertilizers, and no insecticides
  •  Child and pet safe, our grass is 100% child and pet safe! No more muddy feet or paws!
  •  Extremely durable it can withstand temperatures between +50 and -100 Celsius
  •  Limitless design possibilities Tuff Turf can be installed anywhere, indoor or out
  •  Always ready to play and available for use anytime, no matter the season or weather

Tuff Turf synthetic grass is guaranteed for 10 years*


Contact us today and enjoy a beautiful, maintenance free lawn for years to come.